Dived in a fairytale
setting, in the green of a
land with unique

To discover, to
appreciate, to love.



Our farm was created to involve our guests through the colors, flavors and smells of this magnificent area. There are 2 fully furnished rooms up to 4 beds and a private bathroom. Decorated woods, elven writings and lavender scent that inebriates the senses .. they are all that will accompany you during your stay! And so, between elves and fairies, you will taste our homemade goat ice cream, or some dish based by goose eggs; you will accompany us on many adventures to live together, the real ones that give meaning to existence: you will take care of the garden with us, we will collect the lavender flowers, you will participate in the extraction of the purest oil in the laboratory, you will accompany us in the pastures with our Saneen goats, you will help us milk them to have a milk that tastes good and natural and that we will also use to prepare nourishing creams and 100% natural cleansers. We will laugh and joke at dinner, we will count the stars when the August sky is clear and blue. This is our home! And when you leave, you can take all of this with you! Essential oils for soap, essences, perfumes, shower gel, face cream and many other products are available so that the memory of this stay remains unforgettable!
Azienda Agricola di Roberta Baigueri
Agriturismo, Prodotti Caseari, Cosmetica naturale

Località Vetice, 48
Montefortino (FM) - Italy
+39 334 913 6555


P.IVA 02268650443

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