Saneen, stunning goats
we breed with love, great
milk-producers with
which we produce ricotta,
cheeses and 100%
natural cosmetics.


Goat Dairy Products

We host a flock of Saneen goats, a great Swiss milk-producing breed, thanks to which we produce an excellent cheese, ricotta and a very tasty ice cream!
Goat milk products contain a high nutritional level, are rich in nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, proteins and fats. Their molecular structure is very simple and this allows their greater digestibility than cow milk and is suitable for all ages, mostly during the period of growth and old age. :)

Yummy.. try it! :)


Azienda Agricola di Roberta Baigueri
Agriturismo, Prodotti Caseari, Cosmetica naturale

Località Vetice, 48
Montefortino (FM) - Italy
+39 334 913 6555

P.IVA 02268650443

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