Saneen, stunning goats
we breed with love, great
milk-producers with
which we produce ricotta,
cheeses and 100%
natural cosmetics.



Monti Sibilllini Park is a unique place to fully relive the charm of the past and discover the treasures that man has been able to preserve over the centuries to adapt to a natural, wild and sometimes hostile environment.
Verdecammino has located a short distance from the Grande Anello of Sibillini, from a hiking route of about 124 km that embraces the entire mountain range.
Divided into nine stages, it's completely signposted and allows you to get to know, in addition to the multiplicity of landscapes and natural beauty, part of the priceless historical heritage this area preserves. The experience in a farmhouse thus becomes, even from a cultural point of view, truly unforgettable for each of our guests.

In a short time you reach Montefortino, the pearl of the Sibillini, where you could visit the village, the charming alleys and the Fortunato Duranti Art Gallery, defined the small Louvre of the Apennines, home to many prestigious works. The Sanctuary of the Ambro is very close, the oldest Marian place of worship in the Marche, located in a green expanse that runs alongside the Ambro river, it presents itself as a particularly suitable place for a trip out of town to regenerate body and spirit Infernaccio is just a few km away for hikers, for canoe lovers there are San Ruffino lake or Gerosa lake or Colmartese swimming pool. The paths and roads are passable with bicycles and quads for absolute fun!

Nature trails

The territory of Sibillini Park offers countless and different possibilities for those who want discover its treasures in all seasons by walking. The urban routes guide us in the medieval corners of the villages scattered on the slopes of the Sibillini, while pleasant walks lead into the mosaic of life with a rural and pastoral flavor. The contact with the wild nature and the magical world of the peaks, however, can be reached through more demanding excursions, which often require experience, training and suitable equipment.

A dive in our land

Our places, our traditions, our family.
A little taste of what you will find when you'll immerse
yourself in this wonderful fairy tale!
Azienda Agricola di Roberta Baigueri
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Montefortino (FM) - Italy
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