Lavender, from 10,000
plants cultivated with
passion we extract
essential oil, hydrolat and
produce 100% natural
soaps, creams and


Natural cosmetics

10,000 lavender seedlings occupy a gentle hill on which our Farm overlooks and which descends to the River Tenna. A part is for helichrysum. Above all, from lavender and helichrysum we extract essential oils for soap, essences, perfumes, shower gel, face cream. We make everything without adding chemicals. We take care of personally collecting lavender flowers that are washed and cleaned of all impurities. In our laboratory, there's a distiller in which the encounter between water vapor and flower essence leads to the creation of the purest lavender oil. Lavender oil has multiple benefits: it has the ability to reduce anxiety and emotional stress and headaches, improves brain function, helps heal burns and wounds, helps improve sleep and reduces insomnia, has positive effects to restore skin complexion and reduce acne and slow down aging thanks to the powerful antioxidants.

For those who want smooth and silky skin we have goat milk products. Rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins, it's suitable for all skin types and can be used on subjects of all ages. It is particularly suitable for those with dry and dehydrated skin for its moisturizing and emollient power. In our store, you will find face creams, body cream, cleansers and talc-scented soaps.

A wave of well-being!


Lavender Cleanser

Lavender Essential Oil

Helichrysum Cleanser

Lavender Soap

Goat Milk Cleansing Milk

Helichrysum Hydrolat

Goat Milk Shampoo

Goat Milk Cream

Goat Milk Soap

Lavender Cream

Helichrysum Soap

Azienda Agricola di Roberta Baigueri
Agriturismo, Prodotti Caseari, Cosmetica naturale

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Montefortino (FM) - Italy
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