“But the Northern Lands
had long been deserted
and desolate, and the Via
Nord was rarely used: it
was invaded by grass and
the people of Brea called it
the Green Path” Tolkien


We make everything with respect for nature

In the midst of the Sibillini Mountains, among the lush pastures of the mountains and
fairy tales, surrounded by the splendor of the ever-changing and always extraordinary
nature, in a place where history and legend intertwine, our Farm Il Verdecammino was
born. After all, you know, all beautiful things are always born from a dream, but when
a dream is shared it becomes true!
Our pastures, between nature and poetry.
Natural Cosmetics
100% natural essential oils and hydrolates.
Goat dairy products
The goodness of tradition.
Unique, unforgettable landscapes.

Ours is a family story!

My name is Roberta and with my husband Paolo and our sons Jason, Elodia, Morgana and Lucian, in the 2014 decided to change our life and we moved from the province of Brescia to Marche region.

We discovered Marche thanks to my husband's cousin, who lived in Camerino. When we came, we fell in love with places and people. Right now we live in Montefortino, in the stunning Sibillini Mountains Park. My husband was a decorator and I was a housewife and in a particular moment in our history, he developed the idea of moving to embark on a new lifestyle to give a better future to our sons.

So I founded Il Verdecammino farm, where lavender is our main activity.

We have one-hectare of 10,000 plants from which we extract essential oil and hydrolat to produce soaps, creams and cleaners.
We also have 500 helichrysum plants which we use for natural cosmetics.

We host a flock of Saneen goats, a great Swiss milk-producing breed, thanks to which we produce excellent cheese and cosmetics.

Come and visit us, I invite you to live emotions that only people like us could feel!

A dive in our land

Our places, our traditions, our family.
A little taste of what you will find when you'll immerse
yourself in this wonderful fairy tale!
Azienda Agricola di Roberta Baigueri
Agriturismo, Prodotti Caseari, Cosmetica naturale

Località Vetice, 48
Montefortino (FM) - Italy
+39 334 913 6555


P.IVA 02268650443

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